Your restaurant on the Lake Maggiore

Leon d’Oro Restaurant is located on the ground floor of the property

With the 2016 renovation, the property was given a new look, combining old wooden parquet floors and skillfully decorated plaster ceilings embellished with carefully selected modern tints, curtains and lamps.
During the summer evenings, it is possible to enjoy a peaceful moonlight dinner on the garden terrace. A private and romantic dining experience is available upon request in the “tower of love”.

The “Leon D’Oro” restaurant menu is regularly updated following our tradition of cooking with fresh seasonal ingredients. You will be able to enjoy a surprising and outstanding culinary experience where the highest quality products are highlighted by the inspired touch of the chef. Our experienced Chef, Michele Loffredo, always succeeds creating a balance of flavors that can range from Mediterranean to the local cuisine of our region. He creates balanced and colorful dishes with a modern look, always respecting the classic taste of Italian cuisine.

The restaurant “Leon d’Oro” is open for dinner every evening except on Mondays. On Sunday we serve lunch.